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Who Would've Guessed King Bach is a Canadian from Rexdale

In a recent interview with Alex Nino Gheciu, the viral star & NETFLIX actor revealed that he's in fact Canadian and still has plenty of family in Scarborough. Born in Rexdale, he moved to the US at an early age but still spends his Christmas Holidays in Toronto.

King Bach has been everywhere this fall. The Florida-bred Vine star-turned-actor plays the grail-obsessed Bobby on Sneakerheads, the new sitcom by Complex Networks on Netflix. He also appears in Drake’s “Popstar,” music video, turning up with Justin Bieber in a supercar-littered parking lot. And you can currently catch him in Holidate, Netflix’s silly new seasonal romcom.

Bach was born (as Andrew Bachelor) in the humble neighbourhood in Toronto’s northwest corner, before moving to Palm Beach. “My Christmas holidays, I always spend in Rexdale,” says Bach, whose parents were Jamaican immigrants to Canada. “My family still lives there. A lot of them are in Scarborough now, but yeah, everyone’s still out there.”

When in the 6, Director X is who the actor hits up. “I’m mostly chilling with him all the time whenever I’m there,” he says. “We just go out to different clubs, different bars, we go to his office—just really vibing in the city.” That friendship is what led Bach and his crew to appear in the “Popstar” video, which X helmed. “Julien (Director X) hit me up and said, ‘Yo, we’re doing this music video for Drake. Bieber’s gonna be Drake. Can you call up some of your boys to be your boys in the video?’ And then we just made it happen quick, since we’re in a pandemic. It was easy.”

“I've been to Drake’s house once. It was at NBA All-Star Weekend and I remember, he has a basketball gym in his house—like a full court in his house, downstairs. And he and Kevin Hart, they picked two random people and they were betting $10,000 per shot. And I was just like, 'Oh, you guys… You guys spend money. You guys got moneyyy'. And they were just two random people! They didn't know no background about them, they didn't know if these guys played high school ball, college ball, nothing. [Drake] just said, ‘I pick you, and then Kevin, you pick him.’ And they just did it.”

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