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DATAXSTUDIO release "Sound Science" EP referencing Einstein, Fresh Prince & NAMCO's Ridge Racer Series

DATA-X & LIL ZX release their latest intergalactic dance project referencing popular culture in a thorough way.

SOUND SCIENCE is an eclectic mix of uptempo tunes crafted for the modern dance floor in the form of an EP. They're probably very good workout/running tracks as well. DATA-X seamlessly blends cutting-edge electronic beats with subtle nods to classic grooves, resulting in an album that's as infectious as it is understated. He uses LIL ZX extensively in this project as is apparent from his classic sound cues. If you appreciate references to Star Trek, Fresh Price of Bel-Air and Einstein, this might be your thing. Bonus track is featuring Toronto standout OG Spaceman. Out Now Worldwide. Follow DATAXSTUDIO on Instagram to keep up with their latest updates.



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