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Listen to Nav and Wheezy's New Mixtape 'Emergency Tsunami'

It's evident that Nav is focused on continuing to drop immense amount of music in his latest project Emergency Tsunami.

The XO artist released a trailer for the project last week via YouTube. In the short, 45 second clip, Nav prepared fans for this next phase of his career by stressing its severity. The video features people running for cover as a massive wave of destruction raises out of the ocean. The waters level infrastructure before "Emergency Tsunami" flashes across the screen in red letters.  

Emergency Tsunami is exclusively produced by Wheezy. Outside of their respective success, Wheezy and Nav have come together to create magic in the past. This includes the platinum-selling single, "Turks," featuring Gunna and Travis Scott. 

Emergency Tsunami also seems to be the first installment in a series of Nav and Wheezy collaborative projects as they casually introduced their group the Tsunami Boys via Instagram last month.


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