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Boston Artist NEEMZ Debuts "LIFETHATIVEBEENLIVIN" Music Video

Boston artist Neemz is definitely one to watch out for next year as she ready's to showcase her universe of ultra unique aesthetic cues.

It's a new impressive era. Seeing girls with a hijab on hitting notes like Neemz warms my heart. It is an understatement how ready the world is for Neemz music. Starting with her latest video for "LIFETHATIVEBEENLIVIN" she just dropped. It's not even just about the hijab either, it's Neemz entire demeanour that shouts her unapologetic yet elegant sense of fashion.

Last week, her latest offering, “Lifethativebeenliving” made its way around the industry and has since received positive reviews from anyone who’s listened to it.

This video energizes her fans and convinces me that Neemz in the realm of her "signature" look, style and aesthetic completely shines and flaunts in her authenticity.

Check out the video below & follow her instagram for more music.


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